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Frequently asked questions

What is Libbee? What’s a t-shirt subscription? I’m confused.

You know how you used to subscribe to a magazine and it came in the mail every month and you never new exactly what it was going to look like, but you knew you’d probably like it? Well, Libbee is like that only it’s a t-shirt instead of a magazine.

So you get fun, premium quality basics arriving at your door in the form of adorable tees with a surprise graphics. Each month, we choose a crazy-talented artist to create our design, and you get a cute new addition to your wardrobe!

Can I choose my shirt graphic?

Well, no, but that’s part of the fun. Every time you get your Libbee tee delivered, it’s like a tiny little surprise party for yourself—that’s what we love about it!

How’s the fabric?

So good. The fiber blend may differ from time to time, but all our shirts are super soft and never-wanna-take-it-off comfy.

What if I’m not in love with my shirt one month?

Even though we have a weird knack for hitting the right note pretty much every month, this could theoretically happen. The thing is, to keep our prices as low as possible, we can’t allow returns. You’re totally free to cancel any time, but why not just stash your not-favorite, and stick around to see what’s next?  It’ll be good, we promise. And you’ll have a great gift on hand for a friend whose birthday party you forgot about until the night before!

What if I’m obsessed with a past design? Can I still get it?

Once or twice a year we do open up the storeroom closet and offer past designs for sale. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media now so you aren’t kicking yourself for missing something later.

Can I just do a one-time order?

We hate to say no to you, but that’s not what Libbee is about. Like a good friendship, this is an ongoing thing, only with t-shirts instead of happy hour. Check out our past designs here, and you’ll get a sense of what we’re committed to bringing you.

What if I get my size wrong?

No problem! Just go into your account and change your size preference. Then shoot us an email, and we’ll be happy to replace your first shirt with the size you really want.

When do I pay?

We charge for your first month the day you sign up. After that, we charge your card on the first of every month. Exception: if you sign up after the 21st, your renewal date will skip a month. (Much as we love surprising you, we don’t want you to get hit with unexpected back-to-back charges. )

When do I get my shirt?

We ship out monthly orders within 7 business days of payment, which happens on the first of the month. That puts the package at your door around the 15th of every month, give or take a few days depending on how on top of it people are at USPS. If you sign up before the 21st of the month, your first package ships within 7 business days. Yay!

I love Libbee so much, I signed up for more than one subscription. Will all the shirts have the same graphic every month?

Yep! Consistency is Libbee’s middle name. (Or it would be if companies had middle names.) We just do one beautiful graphic per month. It keeps life simple.

Do I have to pay shipping separately for all of my subscriptions?

Yeah, sorry. No way around that. Everything is packaged and shipped individually, so the shipping fee is added to each subscription. It’ll be worth it, though. 

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Of course you can. We just want you to be happy. A simple click of the mouse on your account page and you’re out. No hassle, no guilt and no questions asked.